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Duracell Plus Power C Battery Pack of 2

Duracell Plus Power C Battery Pack of 2

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Duracell offers a wide range of batteries to be used in electronics that require reliable power from button or coin batteries. Duracell Plus Power C batteries are multi-purpose alkaline batteries ideal for reliably powering everyday devices that require a kick of additional power. These batteries give you the freedom to enjoy the use of your appliances by giving you a product you can rely on. Additionally, Plus Power batteries contain more concentrated power than Simply by Duracell batteries. These C batteries are best used when you are looking for reliable and long lasting power in regularly used devices such as clocks, motorized toys, large flashlights, portable radios, power tools, etc. Duracell Plus Power C Alkaline batteries guarantee long lasting power and are also available in size AA, AAA, D, 4.5V and 9V.

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Plus Power C Alkaline Batteries


Store unused batteries in their original packaging and away from metal objects

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Caution: Check for correct polarity (+/-). Do not disassemble, recharge or dispose of in fire. Do not mix used and new batteries, different brands or types. Keep away from children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, seek medical advice at once. Batteries contain various active ingredients which store electrochemical energy and can be dangerous if they contact your skin.

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