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Baco Foil Non-Stick Foil 5m

Baco Foil Non-Stick Foil 5m

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Use me as I am... no need to add oil or butter. Strength you can trust. Nothing sticks!. Great for grilling, baking, roasting and even freezing. Less mess. Saves washing up. Safe and hygienic.

Further Description

For information and other useful cooking tips from the cooks in our Bacofoil Kitchen, visit...

Other information

450mm x 5m approx

Regulated Product Name

The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil

Storage Type


Recycling Info

Recyclable: Packing.

Safety Warning

Warnings: Do not allow foil to come in direct contact with a naked flame or electrical heating elements. Always consult the manufacturer's handbook before using foil in a microwave General Information: To avoid the spread of bacteria, never re-use foil. Allow cooked food to cool completely before wrapping it to store in a fridge or freezer. Storing food in metal containers covered with foil is not advisable.

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